A Pathway to Deeper Learning

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Deeper Learning Philosophy

As educators committed to students’ success in life, in school and eventual work, we believe they must go beyond the study of superficial knowledge largely dependent upon rote memory skills, to dive more deeply to make meaning and be capable of transferring their learning. 

It is our belief that innovation has a greater chance of being sustained if its origins begin with practitioners in direct contact with students — in the place of learning. Our focus for the Deeper Learning (DL) Initiative will be teachers as Deeper Learning Coaches, and it is for this reason that 67% of allotted funds will go towards teacher stipends.

Deeper Learning Partners

Deeper Learning (DL) Coaches possess a committed sense of purpose for their profession and exhibit a love for students and their well-being. DL Coaches come to the work having already shown a disposition for learning and innovation with examples evident of their commitment for sustained and focused efforts both in the classroom and outside. DL Coaches have an interest and ability to lead professional learning within their school and district.

Deeper Learning Consultants

Kim Sergent

[email protected]

Deeper Learning Coaches

Mary Belcher

[email protected]

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