Amber Cantrell

Sum It Up: An Approach to Improving Reading Comprehension

In collaboration with a dedicated 4th-grade reading teacher, I am embarking upon an action research project aimed at investigating the impact of implementing Single Sentence Summary and Talking Chips strategies on student reading comprehension. Our goal is to assess whether these innovative techniques can effectively enhance students’ understanding of reading passages.

Throughout this process, we will co-teach and model the implementation of Single Sentence Summary and Talking Chips to a selected 4th-grade class, while another class serves as the control group, receiving conventional reading instruction. Both groups will have exposure to the same reading materials, ensuring consistency in content.

Throughout the project, we will employ various formative assessments, including questioning techniques, Study Island, Quizizz, and MAP assessments, to gauge student progress and inform instructional adjustments. Additionally, summative assessments from Savvas and Pear Assessment will be utilized, with a focus on conducting item analysis on reading comprehension questions to extract meaningful insights.

By comparing the performance data of the experimental and control groups, we aim to infer whether the implementation of Single Sentence Summary and Talking Chips leads to a noticeable improvement in reading comprehension. Our analysis will delve into both qualitative and quantitative aspects, considering factors such as engagement levels, depth of understanding, and retention of information.

Ultimately, this action research project seeks not only to evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies but also to contribute valuable insights to the broader educational community. Through collaborative efforts and meticulous data analysis, we aspire to enhance teaching practices and promote student success in reading comprehension.

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