Ashley Whitehead

Using Convergence Mastery Quizzes to Increase Retention of Grammar Skills

The action research project, “Using Convergence Mastery Quizzes to Increase Retention of Grammar Skills,” explores the implementation and effectiveness of a teaching strategy aimed at improving grammar skills among 11th grade English students. The study was conducted by an ELA teacher at Leslie County High School who identified a need for enhancing student performance on state assessments, particularly in grammar-related sections such as the ACT English and KSA Editing/Mechanics. The teacher observed that grammar instruction faced challenges due to the lack of engaging resources, time constraints, overwhelming rules, and low student motivation. To address these issues, the teacher chose the Convergence Mastery tool, designed to offer differentiated practice sessions, immediate feedback, and repeated opportunities for skill mastery. The study aimed to determine whether multiple assessments using the Convergence Mastery tool would enhance student mastery and retention of grammar skills. The research involved administering convergence mastery quizzes, conducting a summative assessment, and surveying student perceptions. Results indicated significant improvements in student performance and motivation. The convergence mastery quizzes led to notable increases in student proficiency, particularly among low-performing classes. Surprisingly, the strategy also narrowed the performance gap between male and female students, with males outscoring females in some instances. Student feedback demonstrated a positive perception of the strategy, highlighting increased confidence and preparation for assessments. The findings suggest that self-assessment and repetitive practice are crucial for improving grammar skills. The teacher plans to incorporate self-assessment activities into future curriculum to foster a culture of continuous learning and motivation among students.

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