#HourOfCode: Coding, Post-it Notes, and a lost puppet in outer space!

An hour of code for every student. It’s National Hour of Code Week! We are beyond excited in my first grade classroom. One thing that I have noticed about coding is that it can literally bring to life any classroom target or “I can” statement that students are presented with. Our target this week: I can […]

Post-it Notes in a Primary Classroom: Five ways to add engagement to your assessments

Post-it Notes are a great way to add engagement to formative assessments that are used in classrooms. The best part is that they are super affordable and are always available. They serve a variety of uses for students and teachers and the following five Post-it strategies are aimed at adding engagement to assessment techniques that […]

Standing Up for Authentic Engagement

Authentic engagement in a primary classroom is not available upon demand. It involves precise planning, innovative thinking, and the ability to make connections to the real world at a student friendly level. Basically, the curriculum must be brought to life. Finding ways to do so is such a beautiful challenge. The first ten minutes of […]