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Reading for Meaning- Agree or Disagree?

My case study used the Reading for Meaning tool with my kindergarten guided reading groups. As we started this in October I noticed the students had trouble answering questions that required them to think outside of the box and explain their answer to any question ask. Once I began using this tool and compared it to a group not having access to reading for meaning strategy the scores and whole group discussions were mind-boggling. Kids were going from giving direct answers to providing in-depth examples from specific pages and illustrations to support their responses. This tool also allowed the students to debate answers with one another and point out to their peers using the pictures from the text in their reasoning. I am convinced this tool is a success because over a 4 week period the group that used the reading for meaning tools average was 90% on assessments compared to 55% with the group not using it. I am excited to continue using this tool with other groups within our school and trying other strategies from the tools book.

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