Brentton Akers

Engaging Students with Questioning

My action research project was based on the technique “Questioning in Style.” Through this process, it challenged me to use better questioning techniques to improve student engagement. My goal was to improve the engagement of my classroom to see better results on their assessments.

Questioning in style focuses on four types of questions: mastery, understanding, self-expressive, and interpersonal. My plan focused on my lower-performing classes to see if using this technique would improve student engagement and, in turn, improve test scores. After collecting baseline data and comparing it to the results, it was clear that my hypothesis was correct. Student engagement was up, and test scores improved in both the classes. I was thrilled to see the result of one class as their percentage change from their previous scores improved by 11%. 


After a few lessons, I could see a difference in the engagement of those classes, and it was challenging not to want to do this for every class. I felt guilty for not sharing it with all of my students. This technique taught me the importance of planning good, high-quality questions. I am excited for future opportunities to share my research and look forward to mastering this skill and adding more techniques from the thoughtful classroom.

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