An Introduction to Henry County Schools, Georgia: A Path to Personalized Learning

  In this video series you will be introduced to Henry County Schools in Georgia. Henry County is a mid-sized suburban district Southeast of Atlanta that has in the past decade seen rapid growth and an increasingly diverse student population. Telling the story of Henry County’s path to personalized learning is Aaryn Schmuhl, Assistant Superintendent […]

5 Personalized Learning Tenets

Aaryn Schmuhl and Karen Perry of Henry County Schools in Georgia guide us to understanding the five Tenets that support the district’s framework for personalized learning.  Their work is part of the Next Generation Systems Initiative funded by the Gates Foundation and in partners with Dallas Independent School District, TX; Denver Public Schools, CO; Lake […]

Implementation Process

Henry County School’s Assistant Superintendent and Special Project’s Coordinator, Aaryn Schmuhl and Karen Perry share their district’s path through the implementation process for personalizing learning.  A process that began in 2013 and led to the first cohort of schools in 2015.  The work has continued to this day with anticipation of full district commitment for […]

Assessment for Personalized Learning

We often hear of personalizing learning, but not so often of personalizing assessment.  Melissa Thomas of Henry County Schools, Georgia shares the district’s approach to assessment that has been tailor made to support their initiatives for competency-based and personalized learning.  An emphasis on feedback, student and teacher agency are major components that drive their model.

Competencies & The Future

Competency-based learning has been a driving force for Henry County School’s personalized learning approach and has led them to defining competencies from the standards.  In this segment, Karen Perry and Aaryn Schumhl share this work and give us a vision for the future of the district’s trajectory for personalized and competency-based learning.  Karen, Aaryn and […]