Digitalachia Podcast – Micro-Credentialing

This second installment of Digitalachia Podcast hosted by Robert Brown of the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s  welcomes  Sue Beers, Executive Director, Members Impacting Instruction, Improving Curriculum (MISIC) located in Iowa, and Brian Devine, Director of Licensure, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  The topic of discussion for this podcast is defining micro-credentials and how they are used within a system of professional […]

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Digitalachia Podcast – Ripple Effects (Bouncy)

The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s (KVEC) kicked off its first Digitalachia Podcast on August 19.   The KVEC office and its 23 partner districts are in the heart of Appalachian. We are focused on creating personalized professional learning opportunities that meet the professional learning needs of educators, which ultimately, and most importantly, create multiple opportunities for a […]

Teacher Micro-Credentialing and Professional Development Podcast

KVEC’s Robert Brown and Jennifer Carroll were recently on the NREA – The Rural Voice (National Rural Education Association Official Podcast). This podcast highlights the use of Competency-Based and Micro-Credentialing as a method for furthering the professional development of teachers. For many teachers, there are limited options for furthering their professional training to stay current […]

Brand New Research on Special Education in Rural America

KVEC’s Dr. Dessie Bowling (Associate Director of KVEC) and Dr. Will Kayatin (Senior Director for Higher Education Affairs) were asked to come on the Education Talk Radio Pre K-20 Podcast on BlogTalkRadio with Larry Jacobs. This podcast highlights brand new research on special education in rural America. The RISE2 Deeper learning Project presents its finding based on […]

Leading in a Time of Crisis-Podcast

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford  Quetico a career coaching and consulting organization recently published a Podcast called Leading in a Time of Crisis – a Conversation with Dr. Jeff Hawkins and Steve Miletto. Dr. Jeff Hawkins, Executive Director of the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperation, an educational […]

KVEC on Education Talk Radio!

KVEC’s Dessie Bowling and Robert Brown were asked to come on the Education Talk Radio Pre K-20 Podcast on BlogTalkRadio with Larry Jacobs. This podcast highlights an overview of all the great things going on at the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative. If you would like to listen to the podcast please click the play button below. A […]

NEA Teacher Quality Micro-Credentials PLC Podcast

Dr. Jennifer Carroll and Robert Brown provide an overview of the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s (KVEC’s) involvement in micro-credentialing from local implementation and development to impact on policy at the state and national levels. ·         They described how this involvement led to the annual micro-credential summits and lessons learned from those sessions.  ·         Dr. Carroll also provided a dive into micro-credential […]

KVEC Student Senate Unveils Every Community Counts Initiative

Student Senate Leaders announced a new initiative “Every Community Counts” It was announced in conjunction with the 2020 United States Census. The initiative’s goal is to raise awareness about the Census. The U.S. Census Bureau has designated Eastern Kentucky as a “hard to count” region because of a variety of cultural and economic factors. Student senate […]

Rural Education with Jeff Hawkins and Campbell Scribner, Report Card with Nat Malkus

When discussing education, policymakers and reformers often focus on urban – and sometimes suburban – schools and communities. But rural schools educate about 20% of America’s students, and urban reforms may not translate well to their unique circumstances. In this episode, host Nat Malkus talks to Jeff Hawkins of the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative and Campbell Scribner at the University of […]