Monk Media Podcast with Lacy Hale

Lacy Hale is a visual artist and muralist from Knott County, KY. She attended Pratt Institute of Art and Morehead State University. She manages the Appalshop Gallery and is the coordinator of EpiCentre Arts, a regional arts group that she co-founded in 2012. She served on the board of the Kentucky Arts Council, and is […]

Hotseat Movies Ep. 1

Hotseat Movies is a podcast hosted by Brock Runyon. He goes to see movies with his friends a lot, so he decided to do something about it and host a podcast. He likes to argue… A LOT, and doesn’t like it when things aren’t his way. The podcast will always have a special guest, one […]

Reason to Celebrate: 2016 Annual Holler Highlights

We’ve had a big year at Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) and here at the Holler! Congressionally designated Digital Promise and the U.S. Department of Education named KVEC a National Education Innovation Cluster, presenting a video series spotlighting the Appalachian Renaissance Initiative. Our annual Summits in April and October transitioned to a more technology-based delivery and connected well over 10,000 people […]


GAMER STATS Is all about fun ran by the coolest dudes around, Keegan Elkins and Brandon Caudill. We talk about all kinds of games that are out and games which haven’t yet released. We also talk about consoles which haven’t released and/ or have been released for a while. Also random add-ons like the Playstation […]

Red Fox Rapper, D3JUAN13, Talks Inspiration from High School and Mountain Community

Since dropping a full album dedicated to his school and community a few months ago, D3JUAN13, has built a national audience. The teenage rapper from Red Fox, KY went viral overnight when nearly 3,000 people, coast to coast, saw the Holler review of his album in 12 short hours. D3JUAN13 took the East Kentucky Expo Center stage […]

Cameron’s Corner: An Interview with my Sister

Cameron’s Corner is a podcast show about all the interesting people and their stories being told. My 12 year old sister wrote a book, Al “had to” Save the World. She is a very unique young lady. I hope you enjoy! Cameron Kincer is an 18 year old senior at LCCHS. She plays soccer and basketball. […]

Pickin & Screamin Episode 3: Nick Jamerson

Pickin & Screamin is a local article and podcast that focuses on amplifying and exposing local musicians/artists that are based out of the Appalachian region. This week’s episode spotlights the regional talent of singer/songwriter, Nick Jamerson. Nick Jamerson, known for his talent on stage as the lead singer/guitarist of Sundy Best speaks about his musical […]