Deana Spencer

Making Math More Engaging and Easier to Retain Using Memory Box Showdown

Through my observations and assessments of my 3rd grade students I noticed that students struggled to retain information.  I wanted to incorporate a strategy into my Eureka squared math lessons that would help my students to be better at retaining and recalling information by making the review active, engaging and collaborative.  I began looking at the tool, Memory Box Showdown.  This tool provides deeper engagement that includes repetition, variation, and depth of thought to enhance students retention of content.   After reviewing various tools I decided to complete an action research project focusing on the tool for Memory Box Showdown.  I teach two third grade classes, therefore I decided to have group 1 be my experimental group and group 2 would be my control group.  I collected data throughout the teaching of Module 3 of our Eureka Squared Math Program.  During this time I collected data through formative and summative assessments, observations and a class survey.    My classroom formative and summative data collection showed that group 1, my experimental group performed better than group 2 my control group.  Students felt that the tool for Memory Box Showdown was a contributing factor to their high achievement on summative and formative assessments.  After viewing the results with one group of third grade students I decided to use both groups as experimental groups for Module 4 of our Eureka Math program.  I saw overall increases in summative assessment scores for both groups of students.  Our classroom goal is to score a class average of 80% or better on assessments.  Through the use of Memory Box Showdown the data collected showed that both groups of students scored at an average of 80% or better on the end of module 4 assessment.   I learned that it is true, that repetition, variation, and depth of thought proves to enhance student retention of content and therefore that by using the tool Memory Box Showdown student achievement is increased.  In conclusion, I will continue to use this tool and share my results with others.  

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