Dominique Messer

The “Mystery” of Student Engagement

The “Mystery of Student Engagement” utilizes the Deeper Learning Tool From Puzzles to Paradoxes to increase Student Engagement within the ELA Classroom. At the beginning of the year, students reported rarely experiencing engaging lessons during class, and I knew a Deeper Learning Tool could effectively solve the problem. I conducted three experiments. In the first, students wrote a Halloween Narrative without using the tool so that I could compare the effect of the tool. In the second experiment, students, utilizing the Puzzles to Paradoxes tool, analyzed a crime scene, evidence collection, and crime notes to solve a crime. Once students established a culprit(s), method, and motive, students wrote a narrative detailing the crime. For the third experiment, I utilized from Puzzles to Paradoxes, and students analyzed a crime scene, evidence collection, crime notes, and police interviews. Students then wrote an indictment statement stating a claim, reasoning, evidence that supports their reasoning, and an analysis of how the evidence supports the reasoning. Students used this to create a slideshow presentation to present their case to a jury of peers. 

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