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The Basketball

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PES Artisan Drama Theater 2017 – 2018

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All Aboard The Country Christmas

Betsy Layne High School – Transmedia – Graphic Arts

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Boy Scouts, Zander Richardson – Highland Elementary School

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Heroes Among Us

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Natasha, Sarah and Zan

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House Pets

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Phelps Elementary Family Resource Center

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Pitcher Plant

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My Eyes

Phelps Elementary Artisan Drama Theater

Here’s To The Class of 2017!

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

How to Survive High School

The Book Nook Episode 1: Maximum Ride by James Patterson

Hotseat Movies Ep. 2

Student Voice: Conversations with Erin Napier

Education When You Were a Child… Conversations with Educators and Erin Napier

LCC Communications Class Develops Photography Skills

Picture Project

Picture Project

Picture Project

Picture Project

Picture Project

Picture Project

FIREcast TV: Students Turn Winter Garden into Community Improvement Project


Hotseat Movies Ep. 1

LCC & FIREshare Student’s Essay Featured on Here & Now: NPR

Allen Central High School Students Record PSA for Unity and Love

My Hometown

Santa Made His Stop on Highway 931 North

My Heart and Soul

Spirits of Christmas

Owsley County Freezes in School-wide #MannequinChallenge

Blue Box Project: Bringing Kindness to an Eastern Kentucky High School

Owsley County Participates in #HourOfCode

A Q&A with a True Appalachian

One True Love

Losing a Grandparent at a Young Age

Fall in the Mountains

My Kentucky Home

Furry Tails: The Fairy Tales with a Twist!

The Season Between Summer and Winter

What Is Volleyball?

Travel Diary: Washington D.C.

It’s Fall, Y’all!!


Owsley Students Visit the Past at Noble Pioneer Village

Pine Mountain Trail

Marching to the Beat

Summer in the Mountains

Pinecreek Through the Lens

Cameron’s Corner: An Interview with my Sister

Kindness Challenge

Pickin & Screamin Episode 3: Nick Jamerson

Highlight of the Day: Episode 1


A Review of Wild by Emily Hughes

Mr. Hall’s Class 2016-2017 Goals

Declassified School Survival Guide

Meet the 2016-17 FIREshare Teacher Fellows

It’s Lit..erature: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

It’s Lit..erature: The Grapes of Wrath

What It Feels Like to Join an Esports Team

#OOTD: Outfit Of The Day

In Vogue with a Vengeance

It’s Lit..erature: The Catcher In the Rye

Self-help Coping Methods

Everything Has Beauty

Pickin & Screamin Ep. 2 – Tyler Childers

Proof of the Good

It’s Lit..erature!

The Appalachian Mountains and My Father

Cross That Mountain

Virtual Photo Gallery

Kindness Challenge

Suki’s Kimono Podcast

Pickin & Screamin the Podcast