Jeffrey Clair

Key to Success

During the last academic term, as part of the Deeper Learning Initiative in collaboration with KVEC and the Thoughtful Classroom, I implemented the “Keys to Success” strategy in my 9th-grade Earth & Space Science class at Breathitt High School. Recognizing the school’s grading policy, where summative assessments accounted for 70% of the students’ 9-week grades and formative assignments made up the remaining 30%, I aimed to address the issue by requiring students to complete all formative assignments before attempting the summative exam.

Prior to this implementation, many students were not completing their formative assignments, which potentially impacted their overall understanding and performance in the course. To evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy, I measured the number of students who completed their formative assignments over the last term compared to previous terms under the same grading policy. By analyzing the collected data, I sought to determine if the strategy successfully encouraged more students to engage with their formative assignments and recognize their importance in the learning process.

Through this project, I aimed to promote a deeper understanding of Earth & Space Science concepts among my students while fostering a culture of continuous learning and accountability.

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