Joann Hall

Vocabulary Quilt/Semantic Mapping

After being introduced to what an Action Reaction Project is and what it entails, I chose comprehension of science vocabulary as the problem that I needed to address and my solution to tackling this problem was utilizing a Semantic Mapping Graphic Organizer to help my students with science vocabulary comprehension and retention. I chose to work with my seventh-grade students because being able to use science vocabulary, or any content vocabulary, is essential in all areas in every grade. After a pre- test for both classes to see how they were with the first chunk of vocabulary words, I began my testing. Group A was given the vocabulary words in a traditional method and Group B was given the vocabulary words and informed they would be making a Semantic Map using a “quilt” for the foundation. When students looked at me funny, I began asking them if they knew anyone who still makes quilts. Many students raised their hands and said parents and grandparents still worked with quilts. Then I asked questions that led students to what is needed for a nine-patch quilt, squares, and how they are connected to create a “patch.” The different patches are then sewn together to form a cohesive piece of art. As the “quilt” was being created, each index card had a vocabulary word for the unit, Transfer of Heat, their own definition of the word, and a picture of the word. As new words were added, more patches were created and taped to the “quilt.” On-going learning while reviewing patches already on the quilt. I would like to say that everything went according to my plan for this Action Reaction Project, but it didn’t. It took longer than I thought to make the quilt. It was a start and stop endeavor to add vocabulary as I went through the science standards. However, students did show improvement with comprehension and retention as the unit progressed. I am going to use this project for the next school year, starting with the overall theme of seventh-grade science standards: Energy. Students will begin creating their own patches for the quilt during the first unit of study. By the end of the school year, my room-long bulletin board will be a huge “quilt” made up of all the vocabulary needed to teach seventh- grade science.

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