Jonathan Rose

Single Sentence Summary

After attending the initial meetings through KVEC’s Pathway to Deeper Learning, we were introduced to various tools to promote deeper learning in students. I needed to identify an existing problem within my school/district related to student learning, and I found that reading comprehension was a significant issue. Observations in my classroom and our reading section test scores supported this finding. To address this issue, I first sought to understand the underlying causes. After surveying many students, I discovered that the main factors were an inability to stay focused/engaged during reading, the absence of reading tools, and a general lack of regular reading practice. I chose to implement the “Single Sentence Summary” tool to combat these issues, allowing students to read, comprehend, and interpret text better. This tool was straightforward and easy to implement, so I began my project after Christmas break. I used a control group and a test group from the different class periods I teach. The test group learned and practiced the tool, using it regularly over the next six weeks. The results were promising. The test group showed increased confidence in their reading comprehension, greater involvement in group discussions, better scores on formative assessments, and a positive reception to the tool’s effectiveness in a post-survey. Given these positive outcomes, I plan to use this tool in all my classes and share my findings with colleagues to see if they might also find it beneficial for their classrooms

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