Josh Tyree

Improving Deeper Learning Implementation Through Individual Coaching

In the Letcher County Schools, it seems that teachers have more resources than ever before at their disposal. With the combination of items/resources purchased at the district level, there is also the addition of opportunities provided by our Co-op and grant partners like Promise Neighborhood, Full Service Community Schools, etc. Teachers have more resources than ever before but perhaps are suffering from resource overload or fatigue‚Äďhaving more resources available than they can effectively learn to implement and use with fidelity.¬†

My concern is that Deeper Learning could become one of those programs‚Äďone where teachers receive resources and initial training but not support to truly implement the program as designed.¬†

Through individualized coaching with teachers, I sought to support teachers use of Deeper Learning and then monitor the rate of implementation in their classrooms versus those teachers that did not receive support. Teachers were coached on the research behind deeper learning as well as individual strategies (including how the strategy worked and how to implement it in their specific grade/content).

Ultimately, this study found that coaching was a key component and vital element of implementation, and led to a significantly higher rate of implementation than in classrooms where the teacher did not receive coaching. The study demonstrates the necessity of building administrator support to see Deeper Learning fully implemented in our schools.

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