Kalab Rodebaugh

Tracking Effort for Success

During the initial months of the school term, we observed certain students who struggled with formal quizzes and tests despite demonstrating comprehension during class assignments and formative assessments. Identifying a potential lack of effort as a contributing factor, we investigated underlying issues such as time management, anxiety, or learned behavior of disengagement without assistance. To validate these hypotheses, we introduced the Effort Tracker Tool. This tool aimed to hold students accountable by requiring them to reflect on the effort invested after each quiz or test. Five students, typically exhibiting minimal effort, were selected for a four-week trial period using this tool. Results revealed success for two students, moderate improvement for two others, and negligible impact for one student. Notably, those who provided more thoughtful responses on the effort tracker tool exhibited greater success. For students needing further support, strategies like extrinsic motivators or personalized goal-setting sheets could complement this approach, fostering genuine improvement in quiz and test performance.

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