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    This is the first time I have reviewed the course codes in depth. There are numerous options. I believe the biggest concern is that we would love to incorporate many new courses, but do not have the staff nor the student population to accompany this. What I do know is that our school moving to a 1 to 1 initiative has allowed us to explore more technology within the building among staff and students. 1 to 1 is changing education especially in Lawrence County. I feel that this will open doors to new curriculum and course codes in the future.

    • Understood. Was shared yesterday in assessment webcast that Pearson platform for high school EOCs is the beginning of the next steps towards online KPREP state testing. 1 to 1 will serve you well as we move in this direction.

    • You are 100% correct about the staffing issue especially when all we do is cut funding in this state.