• Hannah Spangler posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    I am super excited about my Learning Innovation Grant, Launch into Learning: Cultivating Curiosity in an IBL Blended Classroom. My students are getting excited as well and are ready to get started! I am in the process of ordering Rocketbooks for all of my freshmen and sophomore geometry students so we can start illustrating their problem solving skills in real time for both my in-person and virtual students. My goal is to keep my students engaged by authentic assignments where they are discovering concepts, practicing critical thinking, and having mathematical conversations with their classmates to deepen their understanding. These are the elements of an Inquiry Based Learning classroom that I have been striving to accomplish for the last few years and have plunged head first into this year. My students have already began to sharpen their problem solving and logic skills and will hopefully be able to share those skills in class through written work very soon!