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    Project Title: Digital Crisis Averted

    So, after a rough year with digital conversion last year, I noticed a huge problem was monitoring the laptop usage and what my students were doing in my classroom. My solution was to buy a program called Netop Vision Pro. I did some research on all programs, and this one fit my budget and what I wanted. The installation of the program was a BEAST – between firewalls, difficulty in getting laptops to connect through weak WIFI, and other issues, it ended up taking the help of two technology experts from the Board of Education to get it all working properly. I have only had the program in use around a month, but I really love the program. Some of the capabilities include remote controlling a student’s computer – oh, they’re on Facebook? You can shut their computer down from yours without saying a word and completely destroying your class attentiveness, chat with students, see what they are doing in real time, redirect them, and blank out their screen. Another cool feature is you can either showcase a student or showcase yourself – which will project the screen on to every single laptop in the room. This eliminates the need for various links or even using the internet to access powerpoints or other documents you want to share with my students. One of my favorite ways that I have used Netop thus far is the following: My student had detention for the day. While in detention, my class was moving on with a Benchmark exam administered online. I opened Netop to see that I was actually able to see my student’s laptop, even though he was in a completely different building. I got on chat and shared with the student what the assignment was for the day. He responded and immediately got on to do the assignment. The student then was not behind due to his behavioral issues and was able to communicate with me even though he was not in class. It definitely is a motivator for students to stay on task and use the laptops in an appropriate way.