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    Ten traditions for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    1)Every time we eat dinner, we always pray.
    2)For Thanksgiving, I always get the turkey leg.
    3)While we eat at the table, we always end up moving to the living room.
    4)For Christmas, we always watch the old Santa Clause shows from the 40s or 50s.
    5)During Christmas, instead a snowman, we build a snow fort.
    6)We never open gifts until after Christmas, so we focus on what it really means.
    7)Me and my brother always see who can stay up the longest for Christmas.
    8)We always drink hot chocolate for Christmas.
    9)We never leave the houses we stay at and always stay in.
    10)As to see who is the best, all the men in our family play horse shoes during Christmas and Thanksgiving.