• Stacy posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    This year, my students participated in the entrepreneurship project. It was a very unique experience in that they got to decide what products to make and sell. The group that won the challenge were called ” The Loom Room “. They designed their own business making and selling bracelets made up of small colorful bands. Throughout the project, the students created a business plan which allowed them to understand how profit works. They began by calculating the cost of their materials so that they would know how to price the items. Once students saw that they were making a profit, they used their money to fund an educational field trip at Georgetown called Evans Orchard. My students loved this project. It really brought out their confidence and allowed them to express themselves. The Summit was a great place for my students to showcase their projects. Several people came to view their hard work. My team also had a chance to look at other projects from different schools. This allowed them to talk about how they might do the project different next year. Overall, this project was amazing and I will definitely do it again. Next year, though, I would like to integrate Google Classroom and Google Drive. This will allow students to research and share their findings with classmates.