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    One of the things we noticed is that to get full points, 50% of the total school population needs to have completed a cultural studies or world languages course. We currently only offer Spanish I and II, and we are unsure if 50% of the students are taking those courses. In addition, it’s difficult for all students to complete career pathways if they are taking multiple dual-credit courses. There are a lot of courses listed in the Course Codes, and we would love to offer some of those as electives, but like many schools, we have a bare-bones staff and can just get in the required classes for graduation. This seems so unfair to our students. We are consolidating the middle and the high school for next school year, and we are hoping that can alleviate some of the issues by allowing students to perhaps start taking either Spanish or some of the career classes as 8th graders and giving them more time to take more courses.

    • We also face these problems! There are several electives that our teachers have expressed interest in offering (and that students have asked about), but we have to focus on graduation requirements. Good luck with your transition next year!

    • Right, and you hate to tell students who really want (and need) to take extra dual credit or AP classes that they cannot take them until they get their elective classes taken. Especially when dual credit and AP can get them ahead on their college coursework, which saves them time and money in the long run.