FIRECAST Fireside Chat

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FIRECAST Fireside Chat

An in-depth look at the innovation in your classroom!

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Filming Date:

Please choose at least 2 dates that are open for potential filming times. Everything must be filmed during a single visit.


What is the main focus of the episode? Is it an innovation in the classroom? Or is in the entire school? Is there a time frame associated with the project/innovation? Please be as detailed as possible. Questions are generated from this information.

Will there be a host? If so, who?

The host will introduce the school and also conclude the show. The host will also ask the questions to the guests who appear in this section. If a host can't be found we will make accommodations.

Guest List

This should feature at least two talkative people.

Anybody knowledgeable about the project should be listed below. Even if they are on the list they may not make into a conversation.

Base of Operations

Where will the conversations take place? Preferably, where it won't be interrupted.

Additional info:

Any closing remarks, facts or information the host or filming crew should be aware of?