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KVEC Transmedia Storytelling - 2017-2018 Application

Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) Fellows focus on leadership, collaboration, and learning.

Transmedia storytelling (also known as transmedia narrative or multiplatform storytelling) is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. The focus this year will be on digital storytelling through video or graphic arts.

Our vision:

  1. Connect educators of common subject through curriculum development and implementation for personalized student learning and cross-classroom collaboration through a place-based platform, making digital storytelling and content creation more accessible, all while documenting the process for others.
  2. Design and deliver a package of competitive badges and micro-credentials to award participants for the development of new content and creative methodology.
  3. Creative and flexible virtual classroom space that supports teacher and student collaboration, as well as cross-district collaboration, driven by self-paced, social learning familiar to students who already spend most their time on similar online platforms.

Fellows receive $500 per semester (total $1000) for their time and participation.


Fellow’s Report and Development:

        Fellows will assess curriculum delivery and classroom access as well as provide finished products for proof of practice.  Student and teacher participants will provide feedback in multiple ways. First, the projects created by students will establish a baseline of production quality and content preference for participants, as well as data on familiarity and comfort level with digital storytelling equipment and delivery. Second, fellows will create blog posts on a bi-monthly schedule chronicling their process, hurdles to overcome, and advice for future teachers and leaders who attempt a similar process.

Product Deliverables:

  • Finished digital video projects produced by students
    • Pre-production materials (scripts, planning, storyboards, etc.)
    • Post-Production reflections – discussing what worked and what was confusing from the student point of view
  • Teacher reflection on the process (Holler Stories - template to be provided)
    • 500-700 word blog posts with photos/diagrams/multimedia materials OR a short video discussion post with examples.
      • What needs to change in the classroom?
      • What is the next evolution of this instruction?
      • Specific experiences? Hurdles? Victories? Etc.
  • Additional Trans Media Courses (Holler LMS - template to be provided)
    • What other disciplines/mediums can be developed?
      • Medium?
      • What standards will be addressed?
      • How do we grow collaboration?
      • What are next steps for students

Education Deliverables:

  • KVEC FIREsummit Presentations (subs provided)
    • October
    • April
  • Training Day
    • September Meeting at KVEC (subs provided)
    • January Meeting at KVEC (subs provided)
  • Google Hangout Meetings as needed

Thanks for applying! Tell us about yourself: