Veronica Watson

Breaking the Code

Learning is a constant and continual progression that encompasses the conversion of information and experience into abilities and knowledge.  However, the question remains of how educators can transform superficial learning into a deeper and more meaningful learning experience.  My deeper learning journey has helped to lead me toward an answer to my question.  Through identifying a problem, choosing a tool to apply as a solution and reflecting upon the outcome, I have gotten closer to an answer.

First, as a third-grade teacher at Salyersville Grade School in Magoffin county, I was taken aback by the results of our fall Fast Bridge Language Arts data.  The data results identified that more than half of my classroom could not recognize beginning phoneme sounds.  I was overwhelmed with the challenge.  Being that this was the first time in my twenty-year career that I was up against such odds.  

After reviewing the schoolwide fall Fast Bridge Language Arts results, our principal decided to develop an action plan.  Our school would implement a schoolwide RTI program that utilized the Orthro-Gillingham approach to reading.  Within my classroom, I used the printable materials and the Secret Stories to identify, develop and deliver instruction based upon my students’ results.   A post assessment was given.  Then the Deeper Learning tool of Memory Box was introduced and implemented.  Another assessment was given after using Memory Box.

Finally, the results of post assessments were reviewed and assessed without and with the use of Memory Box.  After reviewing the information, I questioned myself in several different areas.  First, did I receive the results that I was hoping for?  Next, did I need to make any adjustments?  Finally, what was my learning experience that I can take away from this?

As an educator, I am always searching for a way to become better.  Inside me is an unrest that is not satisfied because I know that I have much more to uncover in order to improve my craft.  My experience with the Tools for Deeper Learning has brought me closer.  “We become what we behold.  We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”   Marshall McLuhan

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