Jonathan Jones & Vivan Carter – Redesigned Learning SPace

Johnathan Jones and Vivian Carter have collaborated and determined their focus will be the redesign of the STLP student technology work space. Although it is technically a storage/work area for the district technology equipment, it is also the meeting place of the high school STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program) students. To say that it is […]

Mark Gannon – Student Space

A student-led team will propose, plan, design and build a student centered space at belfry high school. administration will meet with the student leadership team (principal’s Cabinet) and one staff member (who will oversee the plan) to introduce the idea. After the initial meeting, the principal;s cabinet will be responsible for the planning, designing and […]

Mary Stiltner – Personalized Professional Learning

My project will be to design/implement an innovation strategy to disseminate/facilitate professional learning activities across our district. Because of the size and geographical challenges of our district and the desire to protect the instructional time of our students there is a need to reconsider the traditional train the trainer and stand and deliver those professional […]

Ricky Thacker – Innovative Learning Spaces

I entered my 9th year of teaching at Betsy Layne High School I was presented with an opportunity to move classrooms. Through my previous 8 years of teaching my classroom environment was similar to a 1915 classroom that had no access to technology. I had 5 rows of 5-7 desk in each row. Students were […]

Stacy Davidson – Personalized Professional Learning

My capstone project is centered around personalized professional learning for teachers. At the end of the 2014-2015 school year, all teachers completed a professional learning needs survey. The professional development plan for the district was designed based on this feedback, and all teachers have a plan specifically designed for the needs the have identified. this […]

Susan Watts & Reggie Hamilton – Student Agency/Student Leadership

for our capstone project, we plan to establish student leadership teams at Sebastian middle school and Breathitt County high school to work to improve school culture. we will collaborate with school administrations and student senate members to build this student leadership team, as we incorporate some of the Maxwell work to grow our student leaders. […]

Tony Maxwell – Creating a family friendly school

-increase our family engagement -host midterm events -host family nights to educate and build relationships -host 4 additional conference days (10-6) -tutoring center open -the Leader in me connection to families -common core training -leadership/goal notebooks -improved communications -create opportunities for social ineractions

Lt Gov Crit Luallen – Promising Practice Summit 2015

Crit Blackburn Luallen serves as Kentucky’s 56th Lieutenant Governor, having been appointed by Governor Steve Beshear. Luallen is known as one of Kentucky’s most experienced and respected public leaders, after serving with six Governors and being elected twice to statewide office. Luallen was elected the state’s Auditor of Public Accounts in 2003 and re-elected in […]

Wayne Sizemore – Mentoring

I am focusing on creating a strong mentoring system at our high school for our students with a special needs. we have a working model, but i would like to take this a step further and build a strong mentoring foundation that will be the model for the whole high school.