Patricia Hackworth – Memories Building a Positive Self Image through Writing

This grant will help students who did not meet their ACT benchmark in Reading and/or Writing. Writers/Readers become proficient through PRACTICE. My students need to be immersed in the written word. This class will create a memory book using interviews and memories from families and friends–personal essays/poetry/short stories. After writing, the class will peer edit […]

Christopher Anama Green – Using personal voice recorders to improve second language

This project focuses on the use of personal digital voice recorders in the Spanish classroom as a means to help students: a) improve their Spanish language accent and b) improve language syntax. Through the project, students should learn to self-correct more often with reduced need for teacher intervention. During the project, students will be exposed […]

Bryan Auxier – Paperless Classrooms

At Paintsville Independent we are moving toward an educational environment involving less paper. One way we are doing that is by introducing our students to google classroom beginning in the 5th grade. beginning this year all of our students in grades 5-12 so that each student will have access to them on a daily basis. […]

Angie Halsey – Collaborative Outdoor Classroom

In my capstone project I am doing an outdoor classroom design that will help boost our school moral between staff and students. Through the ARI mini grant and money provided thorough our capstone, students and staff will work together to create an outdoor learning space with a greenhouse, picnic tables, flowerbeds and other interactive resources. […]

Brent Hoover and Kelly Hall – Redesigned Student Space

Our capstone project will be based on implementing ideas from the leadership team at Knottt County Central High School. The team has decided to create an innovative lunch room environment. We plan to implement a “display device” on the wall to help students make more informed choices about menu items. Develop and implement a policy […]

Cassandra Akers – Betsy Layne High School Media Center Re-Design

With the ever-emergent use of technology and our consistently changing world, our school;’s media center has become obsolete. TO increase both usage and purposes, we shall re-design our media center to be more technology centered and student friendly. our library/media center can no longer be seen s just a room in our school- it must […]

Denise Yonts – Using Teacher Leaders Effectively

Each time a school or district sends teachers to a professional learning/development/training, we face the challenge of how to share the information with the appropriate teachers when they return. The larger the district, the bigger the challenge becomes. My goal is to create a structure for teacher leaders to return to our district and share […]

Emely Sanders – Fitness Forever

This project will create opportunities for students to enjoy an enriched and quality physical education, lifelong wellness and healthy habits. The plan of action is to integrate project-based learning with physical education as a collaborative and innovative approach to the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Spark Curriculum for grades k-2 and a variety of new […]

Jill Maynard – Personalized Professional Learning

After careful consideration, my Capstone Problem of practice will be “How can I personalize professional learning for all my teachers.” To begin this project, i surveyed my teachers to determine their individual needs for their professional growth plan and /or other areas in their field. From the surveys, i am planning a beginning of the […]