Dr. Robbie Fletcher named Kentucky’s New Commissioner of Education

Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative celebrates a remarkable milestone as we extend our heartfelt congratulations to one of our very own, Dr. Robbie Fletcher. With over twenty years of devoted service to Kentucky’s educational landscape, Dr. Fletcher’s exemplary leadership skills and his unwavering commitment to enhancing student outcomes have rightfully earned him the role of Commissioner of Education for the state of Kentucky.

Dr. Fletcher’s journey in education has been nothing short of inspiring. Having previously illuminated the path of progress as the Lawrence County School District superintendent, he leaves behind a legacy of innovative practices and community-focused initiatives. Known for his collaborative spirit and transformative approach, Dr. Fletcher has fostered an environment where educators and students alike can thrive and excel.

KVEC is delighted to celebrate Dr. Fletcher’s achievements through a special feature on our website, including a heartwarming video message from Floyd County’s superintendent, Anna Shepherd.

Let’s extend our most enthusiastic congratulations to Dr. Fletcher on his significant appointment. May his time as Commissioner of Education be distinguished by innovative achievements and a dedicated effort to enhance the educational experience across Kentucky.


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