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  • 3 years ago
  • We, as a school and our literacy team in particular, have been looking for the best way to keep student writing folders with writing samples. In the past there have been those paper folders that follow the student along and materials are added each year. This year we have tried to develop electronic writing folders that can also follow the student…Read More

  • I think I heard that the TCT’s were no longer being required to send to the state?? Is this accurate?

  • Is a school’s attendance going to impact this year’s test scores? I remember hearing that average attendance would be taken into consideration when calculating performance.

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    • Attendance was part of Opportunity and Access, which has been renamed as Quality of School Climate and Safety. Quality of School Climate and Safety is planned for 2019-2020, but we are unaware of what measures it will include. Attendance may be one of them, but the measures have not been determined at this time.

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    Laura Carroll posted an update in the group Holler logo of AccountabilityAccountability

    The word accountability is an important word in education. Holding each other accountable is one of the key components that teachers need in order to reach educational goals. Our main goal for our ACT grant was to focus on improving our students as writers. It has been wonderful to walk around the building over the course of the year and see…

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    March Madness Attendance Competition & Read Across America Week
    • Love these ideas! Attendance is an area every school always tries to make a priority! If students aren’t at school learning cannot happen! Love the rewards too! Those are rewards that aren’t going to put a financial burden on the school.

    • Love when we can find ways to tie things like this to the classroom!

    • Love the ideas, it’s always hard to come up with new creative thing to keep student interested.

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6-8 The Writing Revolution Training [June 16th]

Middle school students need explicit/intentional, age-appropriate writing instruction. This session will build upon The Hochman Method for teaching writing by providing clear, coherent, evidence-based methods

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