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Appalachian Renaissance Initiative

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  • 10 months, 2 weeks ago
  • As my year is nearing a close and I look back at my goal with my grant, I am beyond pleased with the outcome! My grant for personal art supplies has provided exactly what my students needed- safe access to materials without the worry of COVID or other viruses. I paired my grant with another from the Youth Service Center and provided ALL students…Read More

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  • Students are engaged and excited in their engineering studio while completing challenges with amazing materials!

  • We got our aquaponics system! We are now growing broccoli in the classroom using water and waste from our five goldfish. We also started some broccoli in our outside garden area. So far both gardens are growing at the same rate, but the temperatures are fluctuating outside so this may impact the broccoli plants. The students have been…Read More

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  • My students have received their personal art supplies and are so excited! I am waiting on the arrival of their personal art journals from another grant. I can’t wait to get those to them and have them begin using them!

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