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Appalachian Technology Initiative

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  • 4 years, 10 months ago
  • Hola!! me llamo brittney, soy de melvin

  • Hello, I am currently having trouble with the exercises All Dice Values, Factorial, The Worm, and Caterpillar on CodeHS. If somebody could possibly reach out and help me with the code that would be fantastic!

  • Hey, I was wanting to know about is there a certain program that we need to do to code the game with or can we use any program for our game?

  • We need to hook up with the Kentucky Innovation Network to help move ATI forward. Made a contact at IF and will share next time I am in Hazard with the group.

  • I had one student that ran into this issue today. I was busy with another student and he was persistant in trying to login and was finally successful. I took a picture prior to that point though. Someone was asking for a screenshot of the message.

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2022-2023 Innovative Teacher Cohort

The Kentucky Innovative Learning Network #KYILN announced the selection of 11 educators for its 2022-2023 Innovative Teacher Cohort. Two teachers from our Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative region

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