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  • One of our 4th grade teachers uses a “graffiti wall” to assess students’ knowledge of content such as identifying figurative language, text structure, and main idea. I have also utilized this strategy with Social Studies content. Use chart paper or the whiteboard as a space for students to respond to a topic or question. I have most often…Read More

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    One of the resources we use to assess is a consensus map. I was introduced to this idea during a Kagan training. There are many ways to use the consensus map. My favorite is to use it during to assess understanding through writing. After being given a question, each student spends a few minutes answering on a post it or small piece of paper. After…

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  • Kahn Academy is a great resource our Middle School teachers are very fond of given our participation in a grant utilizing the PSAT to measure progress. This provides an individualized path for students to progress through skills.

  • One resource that teachers in my school utilize is the website Prodigy. The site has over 1200 math skills for grades 1 – 8. Students have avatars in a virtual world and compete against each other but must first correctly answer math related questions.

  • In my paperless classroom I utilize Google Apps for Education every day. Google Classroom is our “home” where they receive and submit their work. Google Forms is great for assessments, especially now because they have a lock down browser enabled to prevent cheating. I am also a big fan of Google Drawings which allows students to get creative with…Read More

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