• Hello from Harlan. We purchased our sewing machines and travel cases and got them into the classroom in boxes. Our girls’ class carried them in and were giggly with excitement. They wanted to open and sew right away….. but we hadn’t purchased our material, thread, scissors, and other accessories! I received permission to purchase all those…[Read more]

  • Tried incorporating a picture of my grant items; however, I am having issues doing so. That being said, I am thankful to distribute these and see if they yield growth.

  • David Slone posted an update in the group Holler logo of Promising Practice (Teachers)Promising Practice (Teachers) 3 weeks ago

    Finally got my PO processed and grant items ordered. Looking forward to using our new calculators and being able to help my students regarding math. Items were ordered last week; should be in shortly. Thank you K-VEC.

  • I am so thankful for my Innovation Grant that has allowed me to purchase online resources for my music students. With the constant fluctuation between in-person and online teaching this year along with some students who will remain virtual all year, I had to completely change the resources I normally use to teach. These online resources have…[Read more]

  • I’m very thankful for the Innovation Grant that has been provided to purchase Rocketbooks/accessories, Algebra manipulatives, and Geometry manipulatives to help my students understand the mathematical concepts in these topics.
    Learning mathematical concepts is hard but virtual learning makes it a struggle for students especially as students have f…[Read more]

  • KVEC continuously provides innovative resources to the classrooms of Eastern Kentucky. During this unprecedented school year, KVEC has helped to furnish my classroom with 45 Rocketbooks for the 8th-grade class at South Floyd Elementary. These Rocketbooks will be utilized to generate more active learning for diverse learners during a time of…[Read more]

  • First off I would like to thank KVEC for allowing us the opportunity to obtain these grants. For my grant this year I have decided to try do build on last years grant, which we used for 3D printers. This year we will be incorporating coding and robotics into this equation. We will be using the grant to purchase the Makeblock 10-1 robot kits along…[Read more]

  • For my innovation grant, I focused on keeping my physics and engineering class engaging an interactive. I used the money to get a robotics simulation so even if we are not in school, the students can learn to code the robot. The code will run a virtual robot and you can assign tasks to the students so they can do different challenges like maneuver…[Read more]

  • I am very thankful for my 2020 – 2021 Innovation Grant that I will be using to create materials bags for my students in math. These bags will allow each student to have their own individual materials to use for math and STEAM integration within math. This will especially be important throughout a year that is full of uncertainty about our physical…[Read more]

  • I am so thankful for my 2020-21 Innovation grant to create an ABA task box lending library for my virtual students who thrive in a structured teaching system. Each box will have a QR code with a video of how to complete the task and a progress monitoring google form to document progress. I’m so excited to give our parents the support they need t…[Read more]

  • For a couple years now, I have been slowly transitioning my math class to being paperless. The events occurring today was proving to be very challenging to accomplish this due to the technology difficulties preforming math operations on computers/tablets. With the use of K-Vec grant and the purchasing of digital notebooks, my students (virtual…[Read more]

  • Thankful for my 2021 K-Vec grant. This year I was allotted the privilege of receiving 8 Nspire calculators. This is extremely important because it allows for students to have accommodations at home that they would have if in the regular classroom setting. This year has been full of unexpected events and a surplus of novelty within our local school…[Read more]

    • I wish you the best of luck during this time!! Math is a tough one for math and ensuring students are understanding concepts.

    • On March 15, 2020, I created Mrs. B’s Online Library on FaceBook. I now have 238 members, and 180 of them have been active in the last 28 days. Since school began on August 24th, I have expanded to also operate a Google Sites virtual library that students and staff can access with “school only devices.”
      Check us out!…[Read more]

    • This year has definitly been a different ending than what we thought would happen. Being virtual has been a learning curve and such a great experience. I am so happy with what our students took from our recycling project and how it continued with doing school at home. Now I’m excited to watch the presentations virtually.

    • I am so excited to see everyone’s presentations! I enjoy reading about the work everyone has completed on their project. Many of my students are using Epic! at home and continuing to read and explore different types of literature and text. I was so happy to see their excitement of reading continue even after school closed in person.

    • Came across some great pictures that I thought would be good for my last entry! The kids really had such a great time with this coffee cart project and I am so proud of…

      [Read more]

    • While finishing up my PowerPoint and reflecting on the year, I came across some pictures of a student unpacking and experimenting the new camera we purchased with the grant.

    • Reading is EPIC! data collection is complete, but I am having to completely rethink the way I intended to use this information due to school closure. I plan to implement this program next year, and I can’t wait to see the results using it from day one!

      Has school closure impacted any other projects?

    • Just posting my PPoints for Fire Summit. Hoping you are all well. Also hoping to see you all soon.
      • Music, Math and the Mind 2

      • Music, Math and the Mind 1

    • My materials are at school and I am at home! But I wanted to post some links and share the awesome STEAM/coding tools we have been working with. The site isn’t letting me link directly for some reason, but check out ozobot DOT COM, playosmo DOT COM, and makewonder DOT COM.

      Just let me know if you have any questions about these! They have been…[Read more]

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