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  • The E-GLASS was an awesome addition to my classroom and a game changer for non-traditional instruction days. It created an online environment that was more engaging and helped students stayed focused by being able to see the information and the teacher.

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  • My students absolutely enjoyed using the Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets. It enhanced out Science learning experiences greatly. The educational possibilities are endless with this wonderful piece of technology!!!

  • After noticing a loss of engaging and hands-on experiences for students while transitioning in and out of the classroom due to lack of embedded technology and limited in class and take home materials, I applied for an ARI grant. The Engineering Studio at Porter Elementary greatly benefited from our additional building materials that were…Read More

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  • CAVCAST was such a wonderful experience for me and my students. The students were able to incorporate writing, technology, group, leadership, responsibility, and life skills while completing school work. The process built the students’ internal success and motivation which is a HUGE deal in our area. Most of our students come from homes that…Read More

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  • The battlebots have been awesome. The students have just completed the first build of the bots. The learned a lot about the different components and ow much it actually takes to get anything to work well together, as a system. That system thinking is one of the big takeaways I wanted my students to have. Understanding that each system has to work…Read More

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