• Just an update on Rebecca Potter and my documentary project: Heroes on Every Hand: They Just Never Told Us, is in the final editing stages. We are behind the projected schedule that we had for ourselves, but that is not uncommon in a production such as this. We have so much more footage this year than in last years documentary: Piling Up…[Read more]

  • Well, we have closed out our school year. Boy, was it a busy year! I have enjoyed getting to work with all my students this year and most notably, our experience with the Promising Practices FIRE Summit. It was pretty amazing to see all the innovations that teachers across the area are doing. I was pleased with the results from the…[Read more]

  • My project, “Personalization for Our Paws” went really well. Each student that participated in the project showed an increase in reading level achievement. At the Summit in April, I feel that my presentation also went well. Data presented clearly showed a positive correlation between personalized learning and increases in student reading…[Read more]

  • My project went well and my students showed growth and progress. Students really enjoyed learning their multiplication facts. They really enjoy using the dry erase table during class. I felt my presentation went well. One thing I seen is how different teachers were grouping their students. I plan to try some of those techniques next year.

  • Project Reflection-My 5th grade innovations project went great! The kids really enjoyed learning about government and actually getting to go to a fiscal court meeting to see how the process works. The chrome books purchased with the grant money have made a huge impact in our classroom. Learning has become more diverse and individualized.

  • Misty Knott posted an update in the group Holler logo of Promising Practice (Teachers)Promising Practice (Teachers) 1 month ago

    I am so happy with how the project went! My students loved the devices and I loved watching them learn about Science. I think by incorporating the hands on activities with the devices helped my students get a better understanding of Science. They were full of curiosity and wonder!
    One thing I would have liked to have thought of before was…[Read more]

  • The weather finally permitted us to use our mud kitchen! The children made mud pies. Every child participated, which was wonderful and fulfilled my main goal for our art activities. I think this activity has been the most successful part of our grant.
  • My grant was Exciting Adventures for Kindergarten Readiness with Tiggly and Osmo. I used these with my I Pads that I have in the classroom with such an importance on Kindergarten readiness I tried to find something that I thought would help the children in my classroom get ready for Kindergarten. I had saw Tiggly and Osmo from a previous years…[Read more]

  • Title of Project- Flipping and Swiveling in 8th


    -8th grade students who were identified as being chronically absent showed an increase in mathematics performance on the M.A.P. test from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018.
    -The number of 8th grade students who scored proficient/distinguished on the Mathematics portion of the M.A.P. test…[Read more]

  • My STEAM cart has been a great fire starter in spreading computational thinking. More teachers are willing to open their classrooms to let their students experience coding and the engineering design process through challenges they can complete with the robots and/or the material in my cart. The best part was having a STEAM night at our elementary…[Read more]

  • As a reflection and close to my Probeware Grant, I would like to say that for the first time in many grants the timeline actually was actually fairly accurate as the technology ordered could be used in a number of ways for all classes. Our Cellular Energy unit did end up pushed forward a little bit as we got caught up on some science skills that…

    [Read more]

  • I was thrilled with the results of my CER Strategies grant. I found that my students are more engaged when they are not provided with an answer, but instead are asked to solve a problem. More engagement ultimately shows a more successful level of understanding and learning. Also, my students reinforce skills throughout the year if they are…

    [Read more]

  • I’m so pleased with how the innovation grant impacted my classroom this year. I chose to utilize the grant towards flexible seating options for my first grade classroom. This decision totally changed the dynamic of my classroom and my teaching style to a more student-centered, independent learning environment. I chose to use the grant to p…[Read more]

  • I am so happy with how our grant worked out here at LCCHS! Generation Z is on a great path for their future and through the beginnings of their digital portfolios they will be able to build upon them for the years to come. One of the biggest pieces that helped bring everything together was the Fire Summit. This exhibition allowed my students to…[Read more]

  • Pam Burton posted an update in the group Holler logo of Promising Practice (Teachers)Promising Practice (Teachers) 1 month ago

    Students shared their scale models of the world’s tallest buildings in the world in Frankfort and we had them on display at the Fire Summit. I will continue this process next year but I am going to restructure the lesson to begin with a research project. Students will submit reports periodically. I felt that some groups were not as focused as o…[Read more]

  • I was so pleased with how my grant “Alexa, Help My Students Become More Independent” turned out. I expected my students to become interested in using the Echo Dots in their classrooms and once more familiar with reaching out for, and using information, spread into using other technological devices to obtain needed information. I did run into a…[Read more]

  • I feel my grant “Graduating with Our Senses” was a success. My students really enjoyed all of the sensory input and activities. I really feel like it increased their attention to task and behaviors so that they could be more successful with the skills we were practicing.

    I also was able to collaborate with the special ed teachers, regular ed…[Read more]

  • Analysis of the project “Digital Reader Library” is attached as a PDF file. I enjoyed the opportunity to share it with fellow educators at the Summit. I especially benefited from the questions, discussion, and feedback that was provided by others at the conclusion of the presentation. I was also able to attend, listen to, and discuss numerous…

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