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  • 1 year ago
  • Students at this age absorb everything!

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  • Hey! Are you leading your school or district in the Digital Age? Check out this free, online prep course. You can also obtain 20 hours of PD if you need it.
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    Leading the Digital Learning Transition – Unit 1 – Introduction | Hipcast’…Read More

  • Below is a link to some of Pre-K teaching strategies I’ve collected for math, science, and technology. Feel free to share yours as well.
    [bpfb_link url=’ ‘ title=’Lisa Weist on Pinterest’ image=’’]I am a preschool teacher with 24 years…Read More

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  • I taught Preschool for 17 years and winter was the time I looked forward to introducing my students to the states of matter. There is a wonderful big book titled “Amazing Water” I liked to use during my Shared Reading. After reading the book I would demonstrate the three states of matter by placing ice in an electric skillet and letting my…Read More

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  • My preschool students loved learning to write this way. Early in the school year, we developed their large motor skills and then slowly refined the fine motor skills in increments until they were able to write on lined paper-ready for kindergarten.
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