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    CAVCAST was such a wonderful experience for me and my students. The students were able to incorporate writing, technology, group, leadership, responsibility, and life skills while completing school work. The process built the students’ internal success and motivation which is a HUGE deal in our area. Most of our students come from homes that are not very supportive and struggle just to survive. Finding activities that can build a student to success is a tremendous win for everyone. The developing of CAVCAST episodes allowed the students to take a leadership role and find ways to promote school culture and success. This was one of the areas of weakness in our school. We found ways to celebrate accomplishments and successes for almost every student. This celebration gave our students their 15 seconds of fame. Watching students embrace technology was a joy too. Although technology is limited in our area, the students did not let this affect them. They jumped in and learned how to use every piece of technology with little to no fear. It was amazing watching each student take hold and embrace this activity. Thank you so much.

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