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    One outgrowth of our virtual field trip that was unanticipated was the sense of community and collaboration students developed. For example, multiple different classes were investigating our historic time period and the activity of our Lynch coal camp. As the research progressed, separate inquiry groups were borrowing each others’ class research to shift them into different aspects of study. Students used each others’ research, websites, and primary documents. Some students asked me for the phone number of the guest speaker who had visited our class because they wanted to ask more questions. Students combined their drafts with students in other classes to create final scripts. Ultimately, by combining their efforts in a community sense, they grew in their understanding of community and how they can be part of a bigger picture and heritage. This helped them identify with and claim to be an heir of the legacy of coal in Harlan. Students constantly shared what Granny had told them or who from their ancestry had worked where and for who and when!! This all tied back into my original theme for students: Pride. And that is what they felt. One student who recently move here form out of state has been mesmerized by the story of us. She has adopted the community, Harlan history, and the events of the last 100 years as her own! That is what pride our students have developed.