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    Here is a scavenger hunt that I use when reviewing equations with 8th grade. I post these cards around the room in a random order. I usually have my students work in groups of 2 but not more than 3. They start at any card and complete the question. That answer leads them to another card with another question. There are letters in each card at the top right hand corner that the students will record to let you ensure that they completed the task in the correct order. The students know they have completed the task correctly when they have completed every card and their last card leads them back to where they started from. This is a great self-checking activity that gets students up and out of their seats. I created this document and give anybody permission to edit it as you see fit. This particular scavenger hunt includes two-step equations and multi-step equations including infinite and no solutions. The answer key is the order that the letters appear on the document. I will post a short video I have of my students completing this activity in while to give anybody that has not done this activity an idea of how to complete it.