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    Here is another solving equation activity that I created. This one is involves multi-step equations including equations whose solution is no solution and infinite solution. This activity has a little more teacher prep involved. I always print this document on card stock/ and or laminate it so I can reuse it year after year. I also cut out the individual cards and place them in zip lock bags for storage. During this activity, the student would find the card that has start in the top right hand corner and perform that equation. The student will then find that answer on another card in the top right hand corner and complete the equation on that card. This creates a chain of cards the students have to complete in a specific order. It is self-checking to the students because if they do not see their answer on a card or are lead to the card labeled END before all other cards are completed, they know they need to redo the problems and check over their work. This activity is great to use as an enrichment activity, station activity, or review. I have used this activity with both 7th and 8th grade, but could also see it used in Algebra I as a quick review activity to solving equations.