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    I am so happy with how our grant worked out here at LCCHS! Generation Z is on a great path for their future and through the beginnings of their digital portfolios they will be able to build upon them for the years to come. One of the biggest pieces that helped bring everything together was the Fire Summit. This exhibition allowed my students to truly see how they are part of working unit to help improve their abilities over time. My hope is to continue you this on with other students for the future to allow them to broadcast their skills on a much needed level.
    While at the Summit I was able to get my wheels turning on what type of project I would like to do next year. One of the biggest factors in our classrooms today is technology. It would be beneficial for my students to have access to technology to grow their understandings of the world in a varied capacity. Two projects really sparked my eye, one was a iPen which serves as an Interwrite pad allowing you to be anywhere in the classroom and write notes and the second was mini audio books for students to read along with. Each of these would be a game charger for my students allowing them supports and content.
    Overall, I am so happy with how this grant turned out for my students. I hope for them to continue to grow over time and be successful through utilizing the tools at their fingertips.