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    I guess the copy is pretty much done.. I will play with it until @professorparsons takes it from me. Holler Eyes only right now. Post any serious feedback. It only makes me better no matter how nice/how cruel.

    Going to turn this into a mini series I hope. The desire all around is there.. Could use a few more good crew members.

    It is currently Untitled. Names are still a floating.



    • The new cut looks good! Much cleaner in the beginning with less text. I think you could even simplify it a little more. Start out black screen, a little ambient noise, birds chirping – fade in “The disease had become an epidemic. The CDC couldn’t cure it, hell, they couldn’t even contain it in their own facilities.”

      Leave that up there just long enough to read and then bring in the “Corey!” scream – cut to walking through the woods.