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    KVEC continuously provides innovative resources to the classrooms of Eastern Kentucky. During this unprecedented school year, KVEC has helped to furnish my classroom with 45 Rocketbooks for the 8th-grade class at South Floyd Elementary. These Rocketbooks will be utilized to generate more active learning for diverse learners during a time of virtual learning. It is proven that active engagement through writing can not only increase the success of a student but maximize their ability to retain knowledge. After missing so many days of school our students needs every resource and support system we can offer to make this the most successful year ever. Through the ARI grant, we plan to assess our students learning styles, train teachers and students on the use of the Rocketbooks while also monitoring if there is any change in student engagement. Our hope is that through the use of technology we can engage our diverse learners and provide them with supports while monitoring their handwritten outcomes from the Rocketbooks. Thank you to KVEC for making this opportunity possible!