• Michelle Stambaugh posted an update in the group Holler logo of Appalachian Renaissance InitiativeAppalachian Renaissance Initiative 9 months ago

    We are super excited that, because Belinda Lester and I attended an escape room training last Friday, we will be able to use our Kindles to be QR code readers, etc. for our escape room activities coming up! It will take awhile to plan these escape room lessons, but I know the Kindles will be super useful when the time comes.

    I have had some trouble getting what I want for the Kindles. The Public Library gave us some useful ideas for how to put their apps, etc. so that Overdrive, Libby, etc. would be available for them to use for free with a public library card, but those avenues did not work well (if at all) on the Kindle. Even downloading free books for us to use for class has been too aggravating and troublesome. I downloaded The Odyssey for my Eng I class, but some of the kids were not able to upload it. With further investigation, you have to “buy” a book after it has been downloaded six times. This even applies if it’s free. Plus some of the free books look strange/have odd formatting.

    Hopefully the next time I post I will have found some awesome new stuff and the Kindles will be something we use daily. At this time, there’s not too much we can do with them besides using them as an ereader.