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    So excited to be the recipient of another Innovation Grant! The title of my project this year is Ready to Read! Being awarded this grant will supply my classroom with two Kindle Fire tablets with cases, one-year access to the ESGI Online Assessment Program, two OSMO Explorer Starter Kits, and 10 Kaysent Heavy Duty Headphones. The Kindle Fire tablets will be used by the students in a variety of ways.
    They will be used with the OSMO kits as well as a way to offer students differentiated, targeted instruction and practice on the skills that they are struggling with the most. My school has purchased a
    few online programs for the upcoming year such as Moby Max and Education Galaxy. The kindle Fire tablets will also be used by students to work on these programs. The headphones will also be used
    with the tablets and Chromebook that they have access to in the classroom. The tablets can also be used in conjunction with the ESGI program to assess the students in a more efficient and timely
    manner. The ESGI program will enable us to provide these assessments more often and allow us to complete each assessment much quicker than the traditional paper versions we are currently using.

    I can’t wait to get my supplies and get started! Thanks again KVEC for this opportunity!!