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    Students with moderate to severe disabilities will become active members of their community upon graduation. Having supports in place for them most of their school career, often leads to a struggle for them in achieving their independence. As my 11th grade students are getting closer to the real world each day, struggles with communication and daily living skills can be obstacles to overcome. These skills must be taught and practiced because they require this population of students to use higher levels of cognition. With the grant we received, we will incorporate a program called WECOOKIT within our FMD classroom. This program will provide my students with the tools they need to examine recipes, create supply lists, budget, compare prices, and successfully follow and create and critic meals. These students will also be creating and maintaining a school blog as part of Google Classroom. I want my students to begin preparing now for their transition into their adult lives. This program will equip these students with daily living, mathematics, and communication skills.