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    We are having a blast in first grade with our new flexible seats! The wobble stools were a perfect fit for two lowered tables in the front of the classroom. They have greatly reduced students’ need to get up and move around by allowing them to wobble while they work. It didn’t take long at all for the kids to adjust to the seats and have created quite the buzz throughout our school. Other students have visited our class to check them out!

    We are also really enjoying our three standing desks and bouncing bands. The standing desks are a perfect addition to our growing flexible seating choice and have become a favorite in the class. We use them for individual seat work and often times push them together for group work. The bounce bands attached to the legs of the tables keep the students in a close working proximity to the tables, reducing the number of classroom disruptions dramatically.

    I’m very pleased with how the new flexible seating options purchased with this grant have positively impacted student engagement in my classroom and drastically reduced “up on the floor” disruptions.

    • I would like to learn more about your grant. I can see how flexible seating could engage students. I’ll be sure to check out your presentation in April!

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