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    Breathitt Co. High School Agriculture Classes and Art Classes will implement an initiative for the entire school, by using the “Galapalooza” Horse. This project will allow students a creative means to learn improve problem solving, creative thinking, team building, and real life situations. Students will design, plan, and landscape an area designated on school grounds from which to design a landscaping plan and install a one of a kind life size horse, which will be creatively painted by the art classes, to signify Agriculture. The “Galapalooza Horse” will become a part of the school campus for years to come, allowing community to continue utilizing the area. Horses will also become interactive within most core areas, implementing and designing an education unit about the horse. This will encourage all areas across curriculum to be used towards one goal that all of the students will work on. Skills of problems solving, team work, communications, and cooperation will be promoted in implementing this activity. The “Galapalooza” will be a beautiful and educational addition to the grounds of Breathitt High School for family, friends, and community to enjoy, all the while giving our students higher level thinking skill needed in todays world.