ARI Tech Tuesday 09-23-14

Our highlight this week is the induction of 34 student senate members who will help lead our 17 ARI school districts from the student perspective.  Catch WYMT’s coverage of the induction ceremony using our first link in ARI Tech in the News.  Student senate members will want to page down to Apps of the Week for a “How To” for downloading free Apple iPad Apps on their new iPad Air, which they received at the induction ceremony this past Friday.  In addition, they will need to download the Lync 2013 App on their devices for future use as a videoconferencing tool.  Innovation Coordinators, please note the Questions of the Week for a question that has popped up from teachers in the field.  Don’t miss this week’s article from Links/Resources Worth a Look entitled “Empowering the Classroom.”  You may recognize this title from one of Dr. Hawkin’s posts.


ARI Tech Tuesday Update 9-23-14


The following links are referenced in this editon of the ARI Tech Tuesday Update.

Previous Questions of the Week(09-23-14)


Gradecam Spotlight


Understanding and Talking about the Holler





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