ARI Tech Tuesday 10-07-14

Notable additions this week under Promising Practices include former Governor Patton’s visit to a Floyd County classroom.  DTC/CIOs will need to check the Questions of the Week for needed tasks related to “whitelisting” several sites to allow the WIN Learning Portal to work properly.  Bruce Parsons of UPike shares a new feature in the Holler for “Tagging” a post and a way to post in multiple Hollers from one location.  Do you Kahoot?  If not, Jeff Coots shares the App of the Week explaining “how to.”  Jim Tackett — ARI Early Childhood Lead, shares “new & noteworthy” resources recently released from PBS.  As a follow-up to last week, Neil Arnett shares a free resource for teaching Digital Citizenship under Links/Resources Worth a Look.

Tech Tuesday Update 10-07-14

The following links are referenced in this editon of the ARI Tech Tuesday Update. Previous Questions of the Week(10-07-14)


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