Blender Unchained – Sculpting

Brisk Byte is back and this week we dip our toes into Blender’s Sculpt tool. It’s a pretty powerful too and I found it to be a blast! Heaps better then the traditionally grabbing a vertex and extruding it until it looks like something. I’m still getting used to the sculpt brush so this attempt […]

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COWS IN SPACE! On The Road Show

Danny and Robert visit the Virtual Reality Lab and go on an unexpected journey. The podcast with Dessie Bowling can be found below! Here’s a collection of videos that were also produced in the Virtual Holler (VR LAB) or a mobile version of the lab.

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Bitmaps are everywhere online. Load up any web page you you will probably see a bitmap image on it. Even the Holler logo you see on this site is a bitmap. We could spend all day explaining how bitmaps and vectors work together but are also their own separate graphics but we won’t get into […]

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Phelps ATC (Area Technology Center) has completed their 2020 Tiny House, and it’s a beauty! Below you will find a Flickr album filled with interior and exterior shots of the student-crafted tiny home as well as videos covering our experience with the home! Like with all of the student built tiny houses in Eastern Kentucky […]

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The first of the FIRESUMMIT presentations have concluded and with four CONCURRENT streams, you may have missed a thing or two. Don’t worry, you can visit to check out everything that was shown today! Today we shared Transition Innovation, Building it Forward- Tiny House, Micro-Credentials, and ACT Presentations! Tomorrow the following will be playing […]

Be Anywhere With Zoom! Chorma Key Made Simple!

Howdy y'all today we are covering something that is pretty simple to set up in Zoom! There is two options but the green screen (Chorma key) option is the preferred because it gives you the flexibility of picking the color you want to remove from your scene so you can replace it with a image/video [...]
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