New Skill Acquired: Blender Mocap Master!

The video above is pretty crazy right? We were so excited to host another workshop but due to social distancing and everything else going on we decided to compile a google drive file with RAW BVH files that were captured here as well as models you can mess around with. The video below goes over [...]
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How-To Record Your Presentation! MADE EASY!

If you need assistance email me at With everything being as crazy as it is I can’t blame some of y’all for not wanting to leave your house, but with the FIRESUMMIT drawing near we still have a duty to make it as great as we can make it and we know YOU have […]

Bored in Quarantine? This Tech Tuesday Will Help

DaVInci Resolve Hitfilm Tutorial Filming on your phone: For Ipad Users: IMOVIE Tutorial:

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Innovation Celebration 2020

East Kentucky school districts celebrated academic success and innovation during ceremonies and displays at state Capitol March 10 Over 400 students and educators from the 23-school district membership in the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) celebrated innovation in the classroom with displays on the mezzanine in the Frankfort Capitol on March 10.  Additionally, KVEC Student […]

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A Typical Day at Oakview Elementary

Learn about the house system that the Oakview staff developed to fit their school’s needs as well as the other classroom modifications to keep students engaged and thrilled to be Comet! Wanna show off what makes your school unique? Why not get your own FIRECAST video. Click here to learn more. It’s free.

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Valve Index VS. Vive Cosmos

VR headsets are still battling head to head to see which one create the most immersive Virtual experience. Today we compare two headsets by the original developers of the HTC you . With VR changing every day some experiences just don’t keep up so we chose to go with Blade & Sorcery, a experience that […]

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Thanksgiving with the Bronx

When you think of Thanksgiving dinner what comes to mind? The Turkey, stuffing, ham or is it Nigerian Puff Puffs? If you answered the latter then you would fit it nicely in the Bronx. Watch the video above to learn about the event that took place at Floyd Central and how to get involved with […]

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