The 606 Coffee

The 606 Coffee Shop will be Hazard, Kentucky’s newest addition to downtown Hazard. Where you will be welcome to come sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee with friends or get a cup to go! 8 students from Hazard High School came up with this idea to bridge the gap between business and art. The […]

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How do you even use a green screen?

Imagine this, it’s an early Saturday. The new Avengers is out and you can’t wait to see good ol’ Spiderman kicking some bad guys around but suddenly a cell phone rings out through the theatre. Your super focus on Thanos is gone, you left with a feeling of disgust. Moments later you try to focus […]

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Catchin’ Critters at the Gorge!

The Red River Gorge – located in Powell, Menifee and Wolfe counties – is one of the most beautiful and geologically interesting places in Eastern Kentucky. But, what’s happening underneath the surface of this natural beauty? That’s one of the many questions that Wolfe County High School are trying to answer. The students, accompanied by […]

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Like State’s Other Rural School Districts, Lee County Has Major Economic Importance

In addition to providing quality education preparing students for the workforce, the Lee County School District is a major economic driver in the community. The school district directly contributes to the educational attainment and future earnings of its youth. The district is the largest employer in the county despite the county’s population and student enrollment […]


Welcome back to Tech Tuesday! This week we are talking about Open Broadcaster Software, commonly known as OBS. You have probably seen a lot of people using this software before especially if you frequent sites like Twitch or like to watch live streams on Facebook. OBS is a vital tool to anybody wanting to Livestream and/or just […]

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Grades 6-8 High-Impact Literacy Instruction in All Subject Areas

Reaching for Proficiency Across the Curriculum: Grades 6-8 High-Impact Literacy Instruction in All Subject Areas Presented by KVEC Instructional Specialists: Carole Mullins, Kim Sergent, Katrina Slone and Rebecca King, Teacher KVEC Training Center 412 Roy Campbell Drive, Hazard, KY 41701 September 18, 2018 (9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.) LIMITED SEATING! REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED Deadline to Register: September 13, […]

KDE Social Studies Standards Released for Public Comment

The Social Studies standards are ready for your review and comment.  As you look through them, it is important to recognize and comment on the positive aspects as well as those you think will need refinement or revision. Also, please forward to your Social Studies colleagues as they would be interested in participating in the public comment […]

KYStats – Livestream on the Holler!

On Thursday, September 6th a team from KYStats led by their Executive Director, Dr. Kate Akers will be leading a workshop to familiarize our region with their resources and the opportunities they provide. The Kentucky Center for Statistics (KYStats) invites you to attend a state briefing planned specifically for the Hazard area. The purpose of the briefing […]

Film and Edit like a Pro on YOUR iPad

Welcome to another edition of Tech Tuesday! This week we are talking about filming and editing on your iPads. Big shout out to Teresa Miller for the suggestion. If anyone has something they would like to know more about then please don’t hesitate to email me at

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The Kentucky Valley Education Cooperative Regional Student Senate

On Monday, August 27th, 45 students from 18 school districts representing 23 schools located in Eastern Kentucky were inducted into the Kentucky Valley Education Cooperative Regional Student Senate. Students from high schools located in the Ashland Independent, Breathitt, Floyd, Harlan, Hazard Independent, Jackson Independent, Jenkins Independent, Johnson, Knott, Lawrence, Lee, Letcher, Magoffin, Middlesboro Independent, Paintsville […]